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Collins Inks

Collins Farbtinten

Zusätzlich zu der Auswahl an Kundenindividuellen Tinten, hat Collins auch Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Piment-basierte Tintesowie 14 Standard Farbstoffebasierte Tinten im Programm. Darüber hinaus können alle Pantone Farben geliefert werden. Die Tinte wird in Kartuschen oder Großbehälter geliefert. Alle Standardfarben sind in schnelltrocknende und Heads-UPs Ausführungen lieferbar.
(Deutsche Übersetzung folgt bald)

MAX2 Colors
  • Water/solvent hybrid-based ink that prints on non-porous substrates incl. tyvek, PVC, varnish, polyvinyl, aqueous, and plastic cards.
  • Excellent water-fastness and permanence on a wide variety of non-porous substrates.
  • Available in blue, red and yellow as well as UV and IR invisible formulations.
Reliable H Colors
  • Water/dyr-based ink for matte, glossy papers & chipboard style substrates
  • Dries extremely quickly on coated stocks.
  • Available in TWB1374 Blue, TWR1370 Red and TWY1372 Yellow.
TSG2067 BEAR Green/TSR2008 BEAR Red
  • Aggressive solvent-based ink.
  • Performs well on most difficult substrated such as UV coatings and plastics.
  • Flammable.
Collins also offers a variety of black inks and security inks.
For more inks and further information on Collins inks
please call +45 66 10 34 01 or use this link to download the brochure.